As strong supporters of our party and its candidates, we are dedicated to building our grass-roots organization which began in 2008. Circle C Area Democrats is an official Democratic club and state-registered political action committee begun and run by your southwest Austin neighbors. We seek to level the playing field by electing more Democrats, boosting party I.D. and serving a growing community of informed and motivated party activists.

Southwest Travis County is at a crossroads. Despite a GOP effort to gerrymander our congressional and legislative districts, rapid growth and changing demographics are throwing a major wrench into those plans. In just a few years, we've gone from "deep red" to solidly competitive. Success in our area is seen as critical to the chances of both major parties next year. 

Many "reliable" Republican precincts are now up for grabs and Circle C Area Democrats is leading the fight by raising money to support our candidates, canvassing door to door, phone banking and doing whatever it takes to get out the vote. We are a growing, motivated group of volunteers who are no longer content to sit on the sidelines and let others do the work for us. We believe the only way to turn southwest Travis County blue is for southwest area residents to take the lead.

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