Candidate Endorsement Voting Procedures


  1. CCAD Democratic Primary Endorsement Election will be held after the following candidate forums:

     a. Congressional District 21 and Texas Senate District 25 on October 9th,

     b. Congressional District 25 and Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 on November 13th, and

     c. Texas House District 47, 459th and 419th District Courts  on December 11th.

2.  CCAD’s eligible members may vote online from December 13th-16th, 2017.

3.  In order to vote on endorsements, a member must:

     a. Be current on dues,

     b. Have joined CCAD by November 13, 2017, and

     c. Have attended at least one general meeting of CCAD between June 12th and December 11th, 2017.

     d. Members whose membership lapsed after Oct 13, 2017 because of non-payment of dues will be eligible to vote upon full payment    of their dues by Dec  11, 2017.  

4.  The CCAD Secretary will email to eligible members a secure link to to access a ballot to enter votes for club endorsements in Congressional  District 21,  Congressional District 25, Texas Senate District 25, Texas House District 47,  Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, 419th District Court, and 459th District Court.

5.  CCAD will use Instant-runoff voting method of determining winners in the club's endorsement vote. The method produces a majority winner in each race by simulating a series of runoff elections.

     a. You will rank the candidates in each race in order of preference, with "1" being the highest (most preferred) ranking. For example, if there are 3 candidates, choose 1 beside your first choice, 2 beside your second choice and 3 beside your third choice.  

     b. You may choose to not rank all candidates in each race. Only the candidates you affirmatively rank will be counted in the vote total.

     c. You may choose to not vote  for any candidates in a particular race by selecting “Abstain” for that race.   

6.  The President, Treasurer, and Secretary of CCAD shall serve as Endorsement Election Administrators.  Members’ votes will be viewed by only the election administrators after the voting is completed, and will not be shared with anyone else.

7.  How instant-runoff voting works:

     a. The first choice on each ballot counts as a vote for that particular candidate, and the votes are tallied.

     b. If no candidate receives a majority (greater than 50% of the total valid ballots),  then the candidate with the fewest number of first choice votes is eliminated.  

     c. In the second round, all ballots cast for the eliminated candidate as first choice are recounted with those ballots’ second choice candidates.

     d. The automated process continues until a majority (>50%) is reached by one of the candidates.

8.  If there are 3 or more candidates remaining at the end of the automated instant-runoff rounds in any race, then CCAD will conduct another round of instant-runoff voting December 17th-20th (see nos. 4-7).

9.  There will be no endorsement in any race in which no candidate gets 55% of the final vote between the final two candidates.

10. The Endorsement Election Administrators will notify the Board of the results of the final vote in each race, and then the Secretary will post a notice of the candidates endorsed by CCAD on the club’s website.

© Circle C Area Democrats 2017