March 12, 2018

Meeting Agenda:

1. Welcome to new members, guests and candidates

2. Vote to confirm Theresa Bastian as CCAD Treasurer

3. Treasurer’s report

4. Introduction of Justin Nelson, candidate for Texas AG

5. Introduction of southwest Travis precinct chairs

6. Break into groups by precinct chair

General Membership Meeting Minutes

The following candidates spoke to club members: Julie Oliver, Sheri Soltes,

Vikki Goodwin, Joseph Kopser, Susan Steeg, Chantal Eldridge, Elaina Fowler, 

Maya Guerra Gamble, and a representative for Tawana Cadien in US 10.

Theresa Bastian was unanimously confirmed as Treasurer.

Justin Nelson, candidate for Texas Attorney General, spoke and answered 

members’ questions.

Eleven southwest Travis County precinct chairs updated members on 

their activities and then met with individuals in their precincts.

Members were requested to send in questions for the April 9th forums for

Congressional Districts 21 and 25 and Texas House District 47.

112 members were in attendance.

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