What’s Next?

Attend a house party to meet Steven Kling who is running against Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25 on June 25 3-5 pm at 9329 Hopeland Drive 78749. https://klingfortexas.org

Actions for the Week of June 12 from Indivisible Austin

You’re invited to the Indivisible Central Texas Roundup on June 24th, organized by Indivisible Austin! This half-day session includes learning opportunities, networking, and opportunities to recharge our activism. We’ll have workshops on a variety of topics, a “bootcamp” session to help volunteers take their organizing skills to the next level, AND, we have special guest Ezra Levin, co-executive director of the Indivisible Project!

Tickets are just $20. RSVP Here.

Now for your weekly actions.

All Week

Final push to stop Trumpcare

We know you’re tired of fighting to save the Affordable Care Act. But this is the final push. The House’s AHCA bill is now under Senate review, behind closed doors, and they are planning a fast-tracked vote this month. We need to draw on our reserves and keep making those calls to Senators Cruz and Cornyn.

And let’s be honest about those guys: We know which way they are likely to vote. Cruz campaigned on repealing the ACA. Cornyn has made clear his intentions as well, calling data from the nonpartisan CBO “fake news.” But let’s make that vote difficult, even painful for them. Because the senators have a loose grasp on facts, and don’t seem to care that the AHCA would cause millions of Texans to lose their health insurance, let’s appeal to them on an emotionallevel.

Share your stories with the senators. For example, how would losing Medicaid — and the Senate’s version of the bill is all about killing Medicaid — affect you or someone you know? Or perhaps you have a family member affected by the opioid crisis, which would be far worsewithout the ACA?

The point is to make it personal. The staffers who hear your voices and read your letters are human beings, and when enough of us share our stories, they cannot help but be affected.

In addition to calling, please start drafting a handwritten letter to both senators. We’re making plans to deliver these letters to senate offices over the next few weeks. Watch this space for more detail.

Monday, June 12

6:30 to 8 p.m. Training: Twitter For Activists

Manchaca Library, 5500 Manchaca Road

Feel like a Twitter novice but want to learn how to use Twitter for activism? Come to this session with your phone or device handy and let’s get started!

TX21 Indivisible organizer Carolyn Foote will lead this educational session, which is free and open to the public.

Register here.

Tuesday, June 13

6 to 9 p.m. I Am An Immigrant: Austin Training And Happy Hour

Microsoft Corporation
10900 Stonelake Boulevard
Building B

In celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month, FWD.us and the YWCA are partnering for an event for allies and immigrants alike.

  • From 6:00-7:30 p.m. the YWCA will lead a training for allies
  • From 7:30-9 p.m. join us for a happy hour celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

Learn more and register.

Wednesday, June 14

National Stop #TrumpCare Senate Call-In Day

We’re doing this all week, but on this day let’s make our voices heard the loudest.

Sen. Cornyn (512) 469-6034
Sen. Cruz (512) 916-5834

Emails of staffers who cover healthcare:
Beth Nelson
Joel Heimbach

Thursday, June 15

Check back for additional events, and keep up with the calls/emails/faxes/letters to stop Trumpcare!

Friday, June 16

Check back for additional events, and keep up with the calls/emails/faxes/letters to stop Trumpcare!

Saturday, June 17

10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Deputy Voter Registrar Training

First United Universalist Church
4700 Grover Ln.

Please use this form to sign up in advance.

Sunday, June 18

3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Resistance Needs Coffee – Wilco Indivisible

Cuppa Austin, 9225 Parmer Ln.

Join Casey for another round of The Resistance Needs Coffee! Bring your postcards, ideas, and righteous anger. Family members, friends, and children are always welcome. Come and go as you can.

Please RSVP here.

Report from the Texas Democratic Party’s Fair Shot Summit:

Over 250 individuals participated in the training the first weekend of April and learned how to organize in a non-election year. Check out the Texas Democratic Party’s Training Bookshelf, an online resource for political organizing. Training modules, webinar links, templates and forms are included for many topics such as Digital Oraganizing, Canvass for Community, outreach to various groups, Texas VAN guidance, voter registration etc.

Check out the website of our May speaker from Common Cause Texas, Jc Dufresne, here.

A Suggested Resistance Plan:

1)     Download the “Indivisible” document. Skim the philosophy. Carry out the actions which are listed above weekly.

2)     Every day, email your legislators. Check your voter registration card for who represents you. Bookmark their websites (Look at the heading above labelled Elected Officials. You can send an email from there). Calls are fine, but phones are busy; mailboxes are full.  My 7 daily emails go to: Governor, Lt. Governor, TX senator,  TX representative, US senators, US representative. Don’t bother with anyone who isn’t your legislator.

3)     Click the boxes asking to be on their mailing lists.

4)     Pick one topic each day for the US: cabinet picks, ACA, education, voter ID laws, etc. Write the same 3 or 4 sentences to each one. Do the same for the state reps.

5)     Don’t ramble, name call, curse. State your opinion. Say thanks.

6)     Visit your legislators’ local offices. Talk to their staffers. Be nice. State your message clearly.

7)     Go to your legislators’ town halls. State your opinions.

8)     Join local groups with like minds. They give you confidence, reassurance, energy to keep this up for the long haul. They will go with you to offices and town halls.

9)     Do these things. You’ll be rewarded with a good night’s sleep. 

Daily Action Alerts

Text the word “DAILY” to number 228466. Once you enter your zip code, Daily Action will send you a text each business day for an easy action step you can take.  You will be connected to your Senator’s voice mail. If the voicemail box is full, please send an email by clicking on the Elected Officials link above. You can select your Senator and easily send an email from the Senator’s contact page (See Elected Officials above).

Other 2017 action plans and helpful organizations and websites

Check out  the website Texas Legislature Online to follow bills in the 85th Legislative Session. Through this website, you can sign up to follow bills online, get information on committee members in both the Texas House and Senate, follow the calendars of each house.

Check out the state-focused nonprofit, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), developed by progressives  in 2014 to counteract ALEC, the conservative nonprofit that produces pro-industry measures drafted by state legislatures and corporate lobbyists. You can sign up to receive emails describing what SiX is up to in the states.

Check out INDIVISIBLE: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. An even more comprehensive guide than the one described  below in 1. It was developed by congressional staffers who describe the tactics the Tea Party used to affect Congress since 2010.

Check out the Center for Public Policy Priorities website and sign-up to receive a weekly email newsletter with action items. Ann Beeson, the Executive Director spoke at the January 9, 2017 meeting and described the organization’s focus on helping Texans become healthy, well-educated and financially secure.

Below is a list of many action groups in the Austin area. Check out their websites for more info about them.

Texas Progressive Action Network (a Southwest Austin group) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/txprogressiveactionnetwork/

Pantsuit Austin - https://www.facebook.com/Pantsuit-Nation-Austin-1233236256735205/

Austin Justice Coalition - https://www.facebook.com/austinjusticecoalition/

Code Blue - www.facebook.com/groups/1809731652643344/

Left Up to Us - https://www.facebook.com/leftuptous/?fref=ts

Common Grounds - https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=common%20ground%20for%20texans

Activate Austin - https://www.facebook.com/ActivateAustinTX/

Austin Democrats Moving Forward - https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustinDemocratsMovingForward/

Northwest Hills Pantsuit - https://www.facebook.com/Pantsuit-Nation-Austin-1233236256735205/

Activate Austin - https://www.facebook.com/ActivateAustinTX/

Austin Women’s Activism - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1209126665814114/

Better Together ATX - www.facebook.com/BetterTogetherATX/?fref=ts

Move On - https://www.facebook.com/moveon/

Austin Tejano Democrats - https://www.facebook.com/groups/8310263446/

Black Austin Democrats - https://www.facebook.com/blackaustindemocrats/

Women for Good Government - http://wggaustin.wixsite.com/wggaustinhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/621916757871227/

March On! Texas – marchontexas.com

TX21 Indivisible - https://tx21indivisible.us/

Indivisible Austin – www.indivisibleaustin.com

TX 25 Indivisible We Stand - https://www.facebook.com/tx25Indivisible/

Measure Austin - https://www.facebook.com/measureaustin/

Blue Mom Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ATXBlueMomGroup/

Travis County Asian American Democrats - https://www.facebook.com/AustinAsianDems/

Black Lives Matter Austin - https://www.facebook.com/BlackLivesMatterAustin/

Democratic Socialists of America Austin Chapter - http://dsaaustin.org/

Capital Area Progressive Democrats - http://capdaustintx.org/home/

Stonewall Democrats - http://www.stonewallaustin.org/

Our Revolution Austin - https://www.facebook.com/OurRevolutionAustin/

Fight for 15 Texas - https://www.facebook.com/Fightfor15TX/

More Ideas:

1.  Communicate to members of congress at every opportunity. Emily Ellsworth, a former Congressional staffer, recommends the following strategies when communicating with a member of Congress:  

   a. Tweeting and Facebook posts are largely ineffective. Better to write a letter to the district office, not an email or letter to DC. The most effective thing to do is to call at the district office.

   b. Show up at town hall meetings, preferably with a large group.

   c. If you run an advocacy group, invite local staffers to your events.

   d. Remember the staff run the ground game for Congress. Be kind but firm with them.

See Emily’s complete report here.  

2. Contact your representative about current issues important to youe.g. the appointment of Steve Bannon as Trump’s strategist or Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Check out “We’re His Problem Now” Calling Sheet for exactly what you can say. On the site, click the Weekly Call to Action tab for updates.

3. Become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar so that you can register voters for future elections. Bruce Elfant, Travis County Tax Assessor and Voter Registrar, has offered frequent training sessions. Click here for information and volunteering.

4. Express your support for the ACA.  Paul Ryan is conducting a phone poll on the ACA (Obamacare). Call 202 225-3031 and press 2 to weigh in. After a brief recording about HR-3762, Ryan’s proposal to gut ACA, you can vote 1 to support the ACA.

5. Call the House Oversight Committee (202 225-5074) to support the call for a bipartisan revew of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest. Also, use the links in the section Elected Officials to write to your senators and representatives.

6. Find out who your precinct chair is and volunteer to help. If your precinct does not have a chair, volunteer to be one. It’s not hard!!

7Help identify potential Democratic candidates for 2018 and 2020. We need to do this now.

8Keep up with the state legislature and attend hearings. The Texas Tribune is a great source on legislative issues. 

9. Donate to the Travis County Democratic Party and volunteer with them.

10Volunteer at a nonprofit or public service organization.

11. Subscribe to the Washington Post or the New York Times to support the media.

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