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What is Democratic Socialism?

Please join us for an evening with local activists and organizers Raj Patel, Jim Rigby, Marina Roberts, Erica Anthony-Benavides, and Jacob Aronowitz to learn more about Democratic Socialism and how it fits in the current political climate.

Meet our panelists for our February meeting

Jacob Aronowitz – United Professional Organizers

Jacob Aronowitz is an organizer focused on electoral campaigns and labor rights. He is a founding member of United Professional Organizers, a TX-based union for campaign workers and allied tradespeople, and previously served as the inaugural membership coordinator for Austin DSA. He was recently on MSNBC for his work with the Mike Seigel campaign.

Seven Cheap Things by Raj Patel

Raj Patel is a writer, academic and activist. He is a research professor at LBJ and a at Rhodes University in South Africa. He runs a podcast on the global food system produced by KUT called The Secret Ingredient and is currently working on a documentary on that topic. He was educated at Oxford, LSE and Cornell.

Jim Rigby – St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

Jim Rigby has been a pastor St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for over 25 years. He has a love of world religions and a passion for social justice. He is also involved in activism, including a recent arrest in protest of SB 4 and involvement in the Austin Sanctuary Network, through which religious communities protect undocumented immigrants who are under attack.

Marina Roberts – DSA Housing Committee

Marina Roberts is a socialist feminist organizer and serves as co-chair of the DSA Housing Committee, which recently mobilized in support of the Austin affordable housing bond. She organized alongside undocumented youth in Houston against police collaboration with ICE. Her work centers on an intersectional understanding of the material realities that harm women.

Erica Anthony-Benavides – Our Revolution Central TX Co-Chair

Erica Anthony-Benavides is an activist for social justice, with much of her work focusing on fighting for education equity in East Austin communities. She has served as a co-chair of Our Revolution Central Texas. She does not identify as a democratic socialist, but has been active in the organizing spaces they have built.

About Us

Circle C Area Democrats (CCAD) is a Democratic club and state-registered political action committee in southwest Travis County. Our membership includes residents of Circle C, Western Oaks, Legend Oaks, Shady Hollow, Scenic Brook, Maple Run, Deer Park at Maple Run, Twin Creeks, Sendera, Oak Creek Parke, Aviara, Meridian, Oak Hill and other southwest Austin neighborhoods. We are dedicated to community service and building a grassroots organization to support the election of Democrats to local, regional, and national office. We seek to level the playing field by electing more Democrats, boosting party I.D. and serving a growing community of informed and motivated party activists.

Southwest Travis County is at a crossroads. Despite GOP efforts to gerrymander our congressional and legislative districts, rapid growth and changing demographics have thrown a major wrench into those plans. In just a few years, we’ve gone from “deep red” to solidly competitive. Success in our area is seen as critical to the chances of both major parties next year.

Many “reliable” Republican precincts are now up for grabs and Circle C Area Democrats is leading the fight by raising money to support our candidates, canvassing door-to-door, phone-banking and doing whatever it takes to Get Out The Vote. We are a growing, motivated group of volunteers who are no longer content to sit on the sidelines and let others do the work for us. We believe the only way to turn southwest Travis County blue is for southwest area residents to take the lead. With that in mind, please join us for our monthly meetings and learn how you can be an important part of turning Texas blue!