August Action Items

The campaigns are kicking into high gear with phone banking, block walking, postcard writing, meet & greets, and fundraisers happening all around us. If you still haven’t had a chance to meet our incredibly impressive cast of candidates looking to serve SW Austin, go to our candidates page, click on their bio, and visit their websites to find out where they’ll be near you. Or check ’em out on Facebook – there are events being added daily.

You’ll also find opportunities to get involved. Increasing voter turnout in November is the best chance we have to make this midterm election count in our favor. We MUST knock the doors, make the calls, and register new voters. If you’re new to knocking doors, let the candidate’s team know and they will walk you through it. I’d never canvassed before this year and was terrified – but guess what? I did it and it was FINE and I feel great after I do it. So, next time the news has you exasperated and frustrated (so….now?) sign up to do something that’ll make you feel like you made a difference.

~Rachael Steyaert